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A message from TBD Creative House Founder, Kevin Luke:

I wrote this book prior to founding TBD Creative House when I was in the darkest depressive episode I had experienced in a long time. It was a transitional period of my life and I was reflecting heavily on my past.

The story is written as if I was telling it the day after the last chapter ends, which was several years prior. It wasn’t a planned project at all. It was just a burst of cathartic expression.

I think there’s value in keeping those works of creative expression precisely as they existed in those vulnerable moments. To present them in their most authentic nature, despite coming from a place of hurt.

I sympathize with the kid that wrote this book, and the kid years before that whom the book is about.

I’ve lived many different lives, not all were lives to be proud of. But they’re part of my journey, and I’m grateful today for the beaten down and broken road that got me here.

So far, I’ve resisted publishing it out of concerns that telling this story would impact my career and relationships.

Opening up this new chapter of my life, launching the company, and engaging with collaborators who don’t know me personally, I feel it’s time to share these parts of my history with anyone interested in listening.

I could've done what so many aspirational entrepreneurs do, and write a book containing a sanitized and sensationalized version of my life story. I could tell you a few tales of good old-fashioned trials and triumph, convince you of my authority in my given field, and hawk it as a glorified business card.

But that’s not what I’m going to do. Far from it. If this book is your introduction to me, there’s a good chance that after reading it, you won’t think very highly of me at all. With that considered, I’m still willing to gamble on the efficacy of true vulnerability.

I want you to trust me and my team to help you in our future endeavours, dedicated to an ethos of positive-sum creative collaboration. In order to accomplish that goal, I’d like to offer my little journey contained in these pages as a glimpse into the origin story of Kevin Luke. From a time when all of this was a lofty dream, yet to be determined.